Upgrading the Drinks!

While we’re known around town for our delicious baked goods, we know that no snack is complete without something to sip while you savor. We already offer a wide variety of drinks for the summer. Our hibiscus iced tea and Texas Coffee Traders iced coffee are perfect for the Texas heat. But, to get you through these terrible Texas winters (hah hah!) we decided we needed an upgrade. We’ve started making our own Hot Chai Latte and Mexican Hot Chocolate Blends.


A shot of our blending process from start to finish!

Coming up with our own blends started out as a bit of a challenge. We like our hot drinks to have a strong flavor profile and a creamy finish. We tasted each blend with water, skim milk, whole and soy milk. We had to make sure that every option we had would balance. We went through 12 different versions of just the hot chocolate alone. By the end we were very full of milk- But it was totally worth it!


Poor Jessica is lactose intolerant- luckily we can make our drinks with soy milk!

Now if you’re a regular reader of our blog then you know we couldn’t stop with just new drinks. We took it one… or two… steps further. Our first step was to add a homemade marshmallow topping! Homemade marshmallows can be very involved and incredibly sticky but eating just one made the whole process worth it. A homemade marshmallow is lighter, more flavorful and way more addicting compared to a store-bought marshmallow. And the way it melts on top of a hot chocolate is nothing short of luxurious.


That is definitely one of the most enticing views ever!

The final touch for a hot drink is a bite to go with it. Now, our Hot Chocolate and Chai cupcakes are amazing by themselves. But, flavor variety is important too. We went shopping this week and found the most exciting cookie cutters of all time. We’re now able to make your favorite cookies in shapes that transport perfectly. We’re inspired to try these shapes out in so many cookie flavors. Watch our tweets for our weekly updates!


This is the perfect way to brighten up your day! This week's flavor is a dark chocolate crisp.

Winter and Holiday 2011

Brrr! It’s cold here! We have to say we’re so glad that the winter means Winter and Holiday Specials because neither one of us likes the weather this time of year brings with it! We’re both definitely wimps even though we were raised in cold weather climates. Luckily we’re keeping plenty warm creating such delights as Eggnogg Cheesecake, Gingerbread Brownies and Grapefruit Squares!


We're obsessed with how much fun these are to sample at a party!

We’ve been putting together tons of custom platters. We’re offering Sugar Cookie Platters, Holiday Cookie Platters, and Holiday Bar Platters. We like to include a lot of variety on our platters so we’ve been baking lots of different bars, brownies and cookies. For example, you might have had a chance to sample our Lemon Bars earlier this year. They were one of our favorite creations so we’ve decided to keep them year round by putting a winter twist on the classic recipe. Lucky for us citrus fruits are coming into season. Those aren’t the only changes we’re making to our stock. We’ve also started tweaking our Brownie recipe!


Here's one our bakers swirling the pumpkin cream cheese filling into our brownie batter. We love the sweet spice balanced against the rich chocolate.

You’d be surprised by how much you can do with a solid brownie base. One of the hardest parts of having a small bakery is keeping the variety up but the amount of leftovers we have down. Part of this is our own fault-we’re incredibly devoted to having fresh product every day. We’ve come up with some many methods to balance our creative tendencies with our desire to use or sell all the product we produce. The simplest solution we’ve found yet is to think of our brownie recipe as a base, divide what we make into separate pans and discover fun ways to create different brownies out of the same batch. In the same batch of brownies that produced our Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl we were able to also make a Peppermint Brownie. Both equally irresistible and neither one will go to waste!


We've experimented a bit with Peppermint Brownies. Last week we did a white chocolate ganache but this week we went with Milk Chocolate. If you're one of the lucky few who gets to sample both let us know what you think!


The butterscotch is such a fun twist for the winter.

Now that you’ve seen our Holiday spin on bars let’s talk a bit about Holiday Cookies. Every family has their own traditions and ideas about what qualifies as a Christmas Cookie. While we’re definitely doing Sugar Cookies (follow us on twitter- twitter.com/delish or check out our flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/delishbakers) to see daily pictures of what we’re putting out!) we wanted to do more cookies that relied on spices to celebrate the season. We also wanted to have cookies that would compliment each other on the Holiday Platter but that were distinctive enough that it didn’t just feel like an overload of one spice. Besides our Orange-Cranberry Shortbread (which is amazing!), we added Oatmeal Scotchies and Gingersnaps to our daily special rotation.


We love our frosty milk glasses especially with the spice of the molasses in our gingersnaps.

Of course one of the best part of the holidays is that they require just as beautiful packing on the outside as the delicious goodies on the inside. We offer complimentary ribbon gift wrap and we’re happy to decorate as your heart desires. We have quite a few Client Care Packages and even more Holiday Party trays on the books for the upcoming weeks. Be sure to call or email us to get your custom order in before the holidays get too overwhelming. We’d love to help make your holidays special and unique.


Our Holiday Gift Boxes are so fun!

We’re Gearing Up For a Boo-tastic Halloween Celebration!

When you peek in the back of Delish this weekend you might catch a glimpse of two girls with two ridiculously slap-happy grins on their faces. They might look a bit crazy but that’s just the sign of the season! Halloween has come early to Delish and we could not be more excited. Halloween means the return of the infamous Halloween soundtrack, exciting costumes (yes, we know we look silly in our hats!) and of course lots of delicious treats. If we can think of a way to make a dessert haunting, spooky or festive, we’ll do it. This is the one time of the year that more is more and go all out.

First up are our amazing Sugar Cookies. Halloween sugar cookies are the one time of the year neon is in style.We hand decorate each cookie individually until it looks just right. We guarantee no one loves to make cookies the way we love to make cookies. It satisfies the OCD tendencies we both have but also allows us to express our creativity.

It's always tempting to skip this step but it pays off every time! It makes the cookies look so sharp.

You’ve seen rows of other cookies but do you get the same surge of joy seeing it in Black and Orange tones? If you want to be a professional baker you better hope so because there’s but one image we’ve seen over and over for the entire month!

It's our very own Delish Pumpkin Patch!

Of course it’s not all cookies. Every single one of our cupcakes in the case this weekend will be decorated in Halloween themes! You’ll see bats and bones, spiders and ghosts and much much more. We’ll have a specialty display of Fondant Cookie Toppers that are just plain irresistible.

Doesn't that witch look like she's about to fly off the cupcake?

So that’s cupcakes and cookies. But we’re not done yet! We also have some amazing Halloween Cheesecakes, Halloween Meringue Clouds and even Halloween Pie. What is Halloween Pie? Well it’s the delicious Chocolate Meringue but we’ve swirled orange into the Meringue before adding orange sugar sparkles. Are you beginning to understand there’s nothing we won’t make Halloween?

Unfortunately we didn't capture the flame but this pie is literally mid-torch!

And since we were making Swiss Meringue anyway we decided to do a double batch. After all, your arm gets tired stirring the whites over a double boiler and it has to feel worth it when your arm goes numb! Just kidding! But we did make a double batch and use the leftovers to make Meringue Ghosts. Tell us these aren’t haunting.

We applied the Candy Coated Sunflower Seeds one at a time before they went in the oven. Good thing we know how to make a strong Swiss Meringue!

We’ll just show you one… or two!… more pictures of what we finished today. We’re maybe just a bit obsessed with our new 6″ Cakes. They’re two layers of cake iced with our amazing Buttercreams. Sometimes we do specialty fillings but this week we did specialty everything for our cakes. They’ll be in the case for the weekend but be sure to call and reserve one if you want it because these will go fast!

Is there anything to say other than this is maybe one of the best things ever?... Oh yeah, it's chocolate cake inside!

As you can see we’ve got plenty of ideas for celebrating the first event of the holiday season. Be sure to call us if we can do anything to make your celebration better. We hope you all have a wonderful Halloween! And we’ll leave you with a sneak peak of how we’ll be celebrating after hours…

Our new addition…The Refrigerated Case

We always dream big at Delish and our main focus is on expanding our dessert line. As much as we love cupcakes, we are big fans of other desserts as well. We’ve put lots of energy into coming up with a line of Delish Delectables that keep in mind the concept of an individual dessert but allow us to try new things. However, a lot of the ideas we kept coming up with needed to be kept cool. We planned and dreamed and in the end something beautiful arrived on our doorstep last month!

Look who's waiting for us outside! We have to admit it was quite an adventure getting this through the door...how are we not on TV yet!?

With the addition of the display case, we needed to make sure we had the case full of delicious new treats.  We knew the date that the case would be delivered so we spent the previous days experimenting with some recipes.  A new product that we knew we wanted to carry was a lemon bar.  We both loved the contrast of a flaky crust to the tangy yet sweet lemon curd topping on lemon bars we had tried in the past.  The key for us was create the perfect crust that would be delicious yet sturdy and a topping that would be creamy.  Let’s just say it took more than one try:

Disaster Bars!

But we knew to not give up and to keep trying.  One of the important things we learned after each attempt – yes we made 3 different batches in one day -was that we needed to use fresh lemon juice to create that amazing flavor.  Although it takes time to juice a lot of lemons, it is definitely worth it!

We redeem ourselves!

With all that experimenting we really came to understand the ins and outs of the lemon curd. And we’ve found that knowledge extremely helpful since we’re also branching into other desserts. The refrigerated case has given us so much more space in front to display our wares and the opportunity to experiment and expand. After lots of brainstorming, we took our beloved lemon curd, added our infamous Swiss Meringue and Voila! It’s one of the most delicious Lemon Meringue Pies we’ve ever tasted.

Tart, Sweet and all on top of our flakey homemade pie dough!

We’ve expanded into tons of new products-Cheesecakes, Jelly Rolls, new varieties of Brownies and Bars. But it’s also give us the opportunity to bring in old favorites. Maybe you tried our Apple Crumb Pie last year?  With the new case we’re so excited to bring it back on more regular basis. And we can’t wait to do more. This week we’re decking out the case for Halloween and then we’ll do Fall in November. It’s been so inspiring to be back into the Holiday Season and we are so thrilled to be able to do even more than we did last year. When you’re in Delish be sure to scope out our offerings in the case and of course let us know what you think.

Despite our misadventures we think the case is turning out great!

Back to School…The Delish Survival Guide!

Happy September from Delish! We’re so ready for back to school here that we’ve decided to do all of our September specials in a Back-to-School theme. Although the weather hasn’t cooled off much all of us have found our schedules adjusting to the new routines. Being back in the classroom or back in traffic on the morning carpool run means everyone deserves a treat. We’ve had a blast trying out some new ideas and we’ve brought back some often requested favorites. We’ve really tried to find something for everyone and we hope you find something you love.

Our Monday special is our Morning Espresso. This is the best way we’ve found yet to enjoy that morning burst of caffeine. We top our chocolate cake with Espresso Buttercream. It has actual espresso, toddy and just a dash of kahlua to really enhance the flavor. The smell alone is wonderful but the taste is even better. It tastes the way you thought coffee would taste before you tried it!

This is the perfect start to your week!

When we started brainstorming flavors that reminded us of our school day we of course thought of all the snacks we used to beg to get in our sack lunches. The coolest kids always got Little Debbies or Snack Packs. We mostly got apples or a nice note from our mommas- if we were lucky! So we made our Oatmeal Cream Pie special to satisfy the kid in you in a  sophisticated way. We make a spiced vanilla cupacke and top it with Swiss Meringue Buttercream. It’s light and fluffy just like the filling in the cookie sandwich. Of course you wouldn’t want to miss out on that cookie so we top ours with a mini oatmeal cookie that is fresh baked!

These sold out on the first day!

When we say Peanut Butter and Jelly is our special of the day we don’t mean we’ve started selling sandwiches. A bite of our PB & J Cupcake is like having a bite of the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich ever invented. Our Peanut Butter Buttercream is salty and sweet and when it’s paired with a Strawberry Jam Filling…let’s just say it’s tempting to make this our lunch every Wednesday. Also on Wednesdays keep an eye on our twitter and facebook pages. We’ll be giving away ice cold glasses of milk to go with the special on certain days all fall long!

Is there anything that doesn't taste better with a frosty glass of milk?

The week is nearing the end but sometimes you need that last burst of energy to make it through the week. We decided Thursday was the perfect day to bring back our Almond Buttercream. We had lots of requests this summer from people for this special. We did many special orders on top of our vanilla cake-which is delicious-but we decided for fall the chocolate cake would make this even more decadent.

This is one of our most requested specials

When we were little, TGIF was maybe the greatest 2 hours of our entire week. For us there was no question what we would be doing on Friday night-Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Family Matters and Boy Meets World were the shows that ruled our world. The real question was what would we eat while we watched? One of the most exciting treats for that time was most definitely a Treat made from our favorite Rice Cereal. We relied on those memories to create our Crispy Rice Treat Cupcake. We top our Vanilla Cupcake with a Marshmallow Buttercream and then cap it all off with a piece of the cereal treat.

The Crispy Rice Treat topper gives you two desserts for the price of one!

Last but certainly not least our Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcake is one of the most kid-friendly specials we have. I mean can your 8-year-old self imagine anything more fantastic than a cookie and a cupcake in the same dessert? No it cannot. And our cupcake will not disappoint. We make a chocolate chip cupcake and top it with an eggless cookie dough swirled Buttercream. It’s definitely one of our sweeter cupcakes but it satisfies that addicting brown sugar taste that makes everyone take that bite of raw cookie dough.

It's a kid's fantasy-cookie and cupcake in one!

We are loving our new specials and so far we’ve gotten great response from our first round. We will warn you -they won’t be around for long. Our Fall Specials will be here before you know it so make sure you get in before the weather gets cool. Actually scratch that- since it may never happen- and make sure you get in before October!

The start of bigger things to come at Delish!

This summer has flown by! Back to school specials will soon be here. Of course the weather outside is still stifling (we never thought we’d be a part of such an intense record!). In the spirit of enjoying light bites we got to work this week experimenting with our Meringue Cookies. However, we did have a major change in the way we did things.

When we started out talking about flavors we realized we had a lot of great ingredients to work with. Lisa just brought us back a delicious cassis syrup from her summer vacation in Canada, Chelsea picked up a bottle of orange blossom to play with, and Jessica has been craving mint meringues all summer. Generally when we do meringues we pick one flavor to do. We’ve been limited in the past by the size of our equipment but things are starting to change.

Usually this is the mixer that we use to whisk our eggs for our meringues…

If you have a kitchen aid at home this is probably the size you have!

This is one of our original mixer sizes. Now, once upon a time, we made most of our batches of cupcakes out of this mixer but we’ve long outgrown using this size for that! We have been using it for meringues but it can only hold so many egg whites. Our other mixer option is our good old reliable hobart.

This guy works hard for us-we use it for almost 4 hours straight every day!

He’s pretty fantastic but lately he hasn’t been enough to get the job done. Luckily we’ve been able to invest in our workspace this summer. For months we have been dreaming about our new mixer. We’ve looked at different models the way most women look at shoes! When it finally arrived we put it straight to work. We’ve got so many plans for this fall. We are so excited to for you to taste what will come out of this big guy!

This has been our dream mixer for months! We call this the beauty shot!

We have absolutely loved breaking in our new mixer. This week we went a bit crazy but the results have been very tasty. We did our biggest batch of meringue yet and were able to do 4 flavors out of one batch! This week we invite you to try our Meringues in a variety of flavors including Cassis, Orange Blossom, Mint, and Cookies and Cream. They are delicious and completely addictive…and only the beginning of what we are able to start doing with our Big Mixer!

We're doing the happy dance in the kitchen!

Summer Specials Part Two…The Beat the Heat Edition!

It’s been a crazy summer here in Austin this year! The days have never been hotter (are these 100+ degrees for real?!) but it’s almost nothing compared to the heat of all the amazing things coming out of the Delish kitchen! We’ve been busy this month on some very exciting projects that we can’t wait to share with you (We’ll get better at posting regular entries once this heat breaks). Of course the bottom line is which ones of these are edible? We’ve come up with one of the most spirited brownies to serve yet-our Irish Cream Cheese Brownie. We’ve experimented with bark-and not of the dogwood variety, and we’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on our Summer Specials Part 2 Lineup. Without further ado here is our lineup…

Even in the summer Mondays can still be rough.  But there’s nothing smoother than our Monday special of Peanut Butter Honey Buttercream on Banana Cupcakes. It’s not quite Elvis’s favorite but it’s a special we find immensely satisfying in the Summer. Anyone who has had our Peanut Butter Buttercream will know that it is one of the most addicting flavors we have. Adding a swirl of Honey only intensifies the flavor profile.

This is one fit for the king himself!

The one thing we’ve been eating the most of this summer has been our summer fruits. They have been our saving grace in this heat! Because of that we were so excited to bring back the Blueberries and Cream special. We put fresh blueberries in the cake and top it with our Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Swiss Meringue Buttercream is one of the best things our kitchen puts out… in our very humble opinion! It’s incredibly light-it’s literally made from air!- and is mildly sweet. There’s a sweet butter flavor that sets it apart from other Buttercreams. If you’ve never tried it ask us for a sample but be prepared for a new favorite.

Blue skies outside blueberries inside... our vanilla cupcake!

Staying with the theme of foods that keep us cool we present to you our Peppermint Pattie special! It’s a perfectly piped presentation of the pinnacle of our pastry flavors…It’s also a cool mint pastry cream filling inside our chocolate cake topped with a Mint Chocolate Swirl Buttercream and that favorite movie snack Junior Mints! We wanted to lighten up our traditional cool mint and we think the Mint Cream filling does just that. Pastry cream is like a pudding snack for adults. We make ours very creamy and it is an amazing addition oozing out of the cupcake!

A monochromatic masterpiece!

The week’s almost over but to keep things Peachy until the weekend we present to you the Peach Cobbler. The crisp was very popular in the beginning of the summer and we wanted to continue presenting a fresh fruit special. Cobbler makes us think of late nights around a family table. This cobbler has touch of cinnamon and brown sugar that take it to the next level. Now for us the best way to enjoy cobbler is with a scoop of ice cream. Luckily we’re serving Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream so be sure to request the cobbler ala mode!

The best way to taste a summer fruit!

We both planned to visit family this summer. While Chelsea took her vacay in early July, Jessica will be back home in late August. To keep her from getting too homesick in the meanwhile we’re doing a Boston Cream Pie special-the OFFICIAL dessert of Massachusetts (For the record Kansas does not have an official state dessert although Chelsea would nominate her Great-Grandmother’s Angel Food cake that she made on the farm. We also couldn’t find an official Texas state dessert-Let us know if you have one in mind!). But back to Boston… We’ve kept the basic structure of the Boston Cream Pie. We use our vanilla cupcake as a base to layer vanilla pastry cream and a rich dark chocolate ganache in an individual portion. We love how this dessert combines some of the most basic components into a dessert that anything but average.

Rich chocolate goodness...also available in gluten free!

We were feeling a little nostalgic for our childhood summer days when we came up with our Saturday special. The Cherry Limeade is our take on that classic drink. When we think of ways too cool off this flavor profile  came right to mind! We brought back our Lime Curd as a filling in the cake and paired it with a Cherry Buttercream that is ridiculously good. We add a bit of lime zest to that buttercream as well…let’s just say our tasting spoon bites are a bit bigger than normal when we’re making this flavor. We’ve also added a maraschino cherry surprise because as a kid that was always the best part of any dessert!

There's a curd surprise hiding inside...

So these are the Specials that will get us through until these dog days are over! We think we’ve found the perfect mix of treats to beat the heat while enjoying the best that summer has to offer. Stop by for one to stay cool. We’ve got plenty of water and free wi-fi to enjoy all summer long.


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